17 May 2013

Internet browsers and recruitment

I hate browsers, or more specifically browser specific applications. Two examples have pissed me off today.
firstly, a recruitment/request page wasn't allowing logons in safari, so I tried chrome. Same problem. Emailed the contact, to their credit had a very quick response, which said we've reset your password and you'll need to use IE.
Well fuck that for a joke. So I replied back saying thanks for the response, but I won't be recommending your company in our review.
Just after that I was on our recruitment page, also running a buttfuck useless java based system, which has decided to not let me on. *win* no really, I don't have to shortlist a bollocks load of potential minions by Monday. You just carry on with your abortion based system.
And an update: apparently my account had been marked as inactive, however changing it back to active has made no difference. WTF. Arse scratching monkeys could do a better job.