17 December 2013

holiday reading

You'd think it was winter, aside from the sun shining and blue sky outside. Where's my f'ing snow, eh?!?!

anyway, stocked up the tablet with books for the *snowed in xmas*. in retrospect, I may need to find a few more lighter page turners as this collection doesn't look too cheery:

  • No Regrets: writings on Scott Walker [but at least it gives me yet another reason to play more of his genius]
  • John Dies in the End
  • The Golem [yeah the central/eastern european classic, felt I should read it at some point...]
  • Danubia [the lighter read, really enjoyed Simon's other book, Germania]
  • Creation: the origin of Life/The future of life [oohhh Science!]
I think i've still got a couple of unread Robert Rankin's lying around which will rock the lighter read stuff.
The downside to those heavy books is that them, and booze, mix poorly. Xmas and booze mix well, and there-in lies a problem...


8 December 2013

SMWS tasting 3.212

Yeah, bit of a while between drinks - there's some recipes coming, and possibly some quick reviews of recent holidays. maybe. well probably for the recipes.

But upon my return from holiday the lovely chaps at SMWS had sent me a sample to review - based on a taste survey I'd done with them.
People send me free single malts? yep, I can get used to that.

Anyone else is more than welcome to send booze for review, I can even organise a tasting panel (or cabal, as we prefer) ...

SMWS 3.212 'Anti-aphrodisiac' 19yo 55.7%

Nose: pine, phenol, salt, coastal flavour, prickly, old wet socks
Palate: warm manuka honey, aniseed, full mouthfeel, complex, tingly tongue
Finish: med-long

I'd happily give it a 8/10, and happily buy a bottle (which I note, I still can...hmmm)

addition of water gave:
Nose: flatter, pine, bourbon, old wet socks
Palate: smooth flavour, lighter, salty
Finish:  med-short
6/10 Avoid water.

It's good at cask, but avoid water, it doesn't like it. Very quaffable with water, but not interesting.

Love, B