31 December 2014

So this is christmas...

Had a great time pre-xmas up in Scotland. Started off better than expected by flying out of Luton, which was pretty quiet.
Pottering around galleries, parties and great food/booze. Too much of both. As usual, GoMA was a nice relaxing place of calm in a morass of humanity out xmas shopping. There were very nice macaroons at the xmas market, but my tolerance of people meant that didn't last long. Most excellent farewell (possibly) to the ProgHof on the Saturday.
We left Queen St station about an hour before the tragedy which we didn't hear about until much later in the afternoon since we'd gone direct to SMWS for lunch.
Came back on xmas eve, nice relaxing train trip down the soon to be buggered by Virgin, east coast line.
Cooked an average, not spectacular, dinner on xmas day. And then promptly came down with food poisoning (or gastro something anyway) which has had me knocked out for 5 days. Great times.

But I've sorted out the top 15 album list, so that'll go up soonish.

16 December 2014


I suspect the fact you are having to advertise means that your line of everyone is talking about xxxx is a lie.