24 September 2019

Whisky: Mystery Tasting

Next up from the Regional Wines tasting, Mystery Whisky. Where we get eight (yes, 8) whiskies with no info and have to taste them.

Because it'd be stupid to write it up that way, I'm naming them.

Old Particular Craigellachie The Elements 2006 12yo 54.3%
N: fruit salad, apples, light, floral, grass, vanilla, creme brulee
P: rough, apples, lemonade
F: long, hot

9/10  I liked this, reminded me of the Glengoyne cask finish (12yo).

Signatory Clynelish 1995 22yo 56.3%
N: astringent, hint of smoke, complex
P: light, sweet, tasty, fruity, bourbon, lemon, date bar
F: long, chewy

8.5/10 Have I mentioned I like Clynelish....

Benromach 2008 Batch#1 Cask Strength 57.9%
N: peat, sherry, asphalt, bacon, ozone, complex, aged
P: bacon spicy paprika, peat
F: long, hot, oily

9/10 my notes say 'great balance'. This is ridiculously good value (NZD $127.99).

Glen Garioch 17yo Renaissance 3rd Chapter 50.8%
N: apple, tangy fruits, light, cut grass, burnt sugar
P: fruit, quite bland
F: short

5/10. Nothing there, bland / boring. (and definitely not worth the NZD $240!)

Dalmore King Alexander III 46%
N: fruits/apples, complex, pavlova, light, phenols?
P: apples, simple, soapy
F: light, short
5/10 notes again say boring (this one was NZD $400)

Benromach 2010 Peat Smoke Sherry Cask Matured 59.9%
N: lipstick, artificial flower (that comment has all the hallmarks of a Richard comment...), not great, sweet, dirty boots
P: phenol, salt, long throat clearer, ashtray
F: big long, tangy

8/10 I thought this was quite bunnabhain like. In a good way.

Ballechin Straight from the Cask ex Sherry 61%
N: phenol, salt, bacon, cauterised washed, lovely,
P: smoke, bacon,
F: dry, long

9.5/10 comments of 'fuck yeah', this was great. to this point the Ballechin's I've had (they're the peated version of Edradour) have been very crap. This wasn't.

Blend: Glenfarclas 105 + Pedro Ximenez Lausto 1:9
N: sweet, figs, sherry, PX, dark choc, sulphur
P: sweet, massive, very strong, syrupy, dates, orange, cognac?
F: long, hot

6.5/10 Basically, the bastards made their own blend. Some loved it, me, not so much. But adding a bit of water gave it 7.5/10 and released a far creamy flavour.

We had a bunch of questions, I got 8/16 (top was 12/16).

Fun !!

me x

8 September 2019

Whisky Tasting : Sherry Casks

So, I'm back. And went to my first Regional Wines whisky tasting in about 12 years. Many of the usual suspects were there, and still run by the lovely Daniel. Met up with Blair and Rich, again reuniting the old crew, to taste a number of sherry malts.

Kurayoshi Japanese Sherry Cask Pure Malt Whisky 43%
N: aniseed, apple, grain, marzipan
P: boring, sour, salty gose, apple
F: short, warm

6/10. Not good, acceptable at best. I'm not a big fan of Japanese whisky, but this was just dull. Nose was the best aspect.

Glenburgie 21yo Old Particular 1997 51.5% sherry butt
N: Dry, PVA glue, supporating wound (not my suggestion!), balsamic vinegar, maple
P: low alc? nothing really, honey, boring
F: short, warm

5/10 Again, disappointing. Seems like it had been left too long and the flavour had run off. Shame really as the OP bottles tend to be quite good. Saved me $210 NZ there :D

Glenlivet 11yo Signatory 2007 UCF 46% 1st Fill Sherry butt, Cask #900267 d.10/04/2007
N: light, melon, fruit salad, pina colada, banana lollies
P: smooth, coconut, salty, soap, grapefruit
F: short, peppery

6/10 Quite light, as you'd expect from Glenlivet, not a lot of sherry rocking along there. But, by far, my favourite nose of the evening.

Bladnoch Adela 15yo 46.7% oloroso cask
N: varnish, apples, hint of sulphur
P: very smooth, sounded, sulphur, salty
F: short

7.5/10 I liked this one more, don't know much about Bladnoch, but would hunt them out based on this.

Glendronach Revival 15yo oloroso cask 46%
N: PVA, cedar wood, jockstraps, malty, aged?
P: oddly effervescent, low alc
F: long, warm
7.5/10 pretty sure I've had this before, always a good choice. Thrown in as the mystery whisky.

Bunnahabhain 10yo Adelphi 2009 #90021 58.8% 1st fill sherry European oak
N: sherry, wood, cigarette ash
P: warm honey, inky, chewy, sherry, fudge
F: long, lovely
9/10 Adelphi are the best. Bunnahabhain are also good. This seems a good mix to me :D

Kavalan Solist oloroso sherry cask 57.1%
N: PVA glue, woody, polished wood, black tea
P: woody, sherry, no complexity
F: nothing short, dry
6.5/10 I've had this before, I don't like them. Nothing here to change my view on Kavalan. Technically good, but boring.

So there we go, unpopular rating by me for the Kavalan (everyone else loved it). But Adelphi won the night for all of us.

More soon...

B x

17 July 2019

Whisky cabal: mini meet

During my recent trip to the UK, it was pointed out there hadn't been a lot of whisky posts recently. So Alec and I decided to fix that and actually made some notes as we headed to SMWS for the evening.

I realise it's taken three months to actually copy them up from Google Notes, but hey, deal with it. It has been a bit eventful here, what with job hunting and sorting that crap out :)

On the plus side, there's likely to be another whisky review in the next fortnight as I try a few new ones I've got lying around.

9.161 - Cream Tea at the Patisserie
N- fruity, vigorous, fruit salad, icing sugar, lemon, Chardonnay
P-fruity, tangy,
F- long, spicy, dry

7/10. A
W water
N- much cream n nose, vanilla,
P- pepper, banana, Victoria sponge is cooked
F- very long, very dry

Much more complex
Lost fruitiness

It's an interesting whisky, very sweet, and completely get why they called it the patisserie. Oddly both of us agreed on the ratings (7 and 7.5). Good, without being great. And for those playing at home, it's a Glen Grant. 2nd fill ex-bourbon, 11 years, 60.9%

30.106 Succulent, scintillating, substantialN- old leather, Sherry, Xmas cake, very complex, aniseed, sugary Demerara
P- spicy, leather, old cars, very dark sugar, make fruit loaf
F- spicy, long

This was a lovely Sherry whisky. Complex, interesting, and very dry. 2nd refill PX.

This was excellent, very very excellent. Glenrothes 57.2%, 21yo, definitely dram of the evening.

52.25 A morning at the beachN- salt, coastal winds, delicate, honey cured bacon
P- but of a throat clearer, phenol on finish, hides then smacks ya, oily coastal
F- nougat, medium, spicy, pepper, dry, oily


We felt we needed to end with a vigorous bacon, salty beast. This is an Old Pulteney, which is a distillery I haven't had many from. I liked this, very dry, 60.3% 11yo. but not stunning. Admittedly I think we were still a bit dazzled by the Glenrothes.

Of more concern was Alec and I agreeing on ratings. Apparently he's less argumentative if I don't see him for a year or so...

So yes, there ya go. I have a couple more from my time in the UK which may go up this week. And a tasting of four, maybe six, whiskies in the cupboard.

Also think the recipes may start up again.

me x

18 January 2019

Last FM and my listening

Following on from the booze blog, here's the tunes blog.
All of my devices scrobble to Lastfm so this is pretty accurate as I'm a little bit OCD.

Apparently I listened to more music in 2018 than I have in the many other years of Last.FM-ing.

Of these here's the artist/album/track breakdown, which seems a little odd unless it's only counting unique named tracks, otherwise where did the missing 5000 go?
the CSNY album is a little unfair as it's 41 tracks (3CD) so playing it twice gives the 82 scrobbles. And most played artist? yeah I'm as shocked as you...

Listening time seems right, as I tend to read email and do work to music first thing in the morning. And Thurs Night Music night explains the listening week.
Tags are Last.FM ones, not mine.

So what's new pussycat? apparently fewer new artists this year, but Colosseum are brilliant.
New Albums, apparently a good/expensive year for new albums. And of those new albums, apparently the tracks were new. shocking stuff that.

Next? I may get around to writing my Top10 albums for 2018. Or I may go to the pub.

me x

What have I been drinking? 2018

Yes, it's been awhile. No, I have no excuses.

First up, what have I been drinking? Untappd helpfully sent me this....(user = sphenodon if anyone wants to stalk me)

This first one is a bit misleading as it counts all beer, so if I had a flight of four beers (150ml), that's four beers. So it's not quite as bad/good as it looks...

I like that around 75% of the beers I drink are different. Which is reflected in the very limited number of multiple checkins, but I do rather like Bird Dog :)

No surprises here.

This is a little unfair with Emersons 4m30s walk from the office door.

The Portsider is about 100m from home. Commodore is where I stayed when I arrived back in NZ.

Next? Music listening review, then possibly by 2018 Top10 albums.

I am, possibly, going to do a monthly opera blog. Although I'm running out of January. Sigh.

me x