19 February 2008

oh dear

Wearing jeans - check
Wearing obscure band t-shirt - check
Band known for obsessive fandom - check
Wearing sneakers - check
iPod - check
Large headphones - check
Laptop in backpack - check
Carrying OS backup disc - check
Firewire cable in bag - check
Listening to intense/emo music - NOPE (Mountain Goats)

Not painting a good picture. Gets worse when I say I was heading off to go hack someone's computer. Turned out to be nice and simple, their recently deceased (ex?) partner had a mac and they didn't know how to turn it on. Was running OS9 so security wasn't hard to bypass. All I really had to do was rename files and add suffixes so they could use them on a PC.

And in an attempt to claw back karma kudos, I said no to money. She kept insisting, so I pointed out people were nice to me at a similar time, so it was nice to pay them back in kind. Which made me feel all warm n fuzzy. She kept insisting so I suggested a donation to charity, Kidney Foundation. I'm a fuckin' saint.


18 February 2008


The US has just recalled a bollox load of beef. Apparently one of the major processing plants were not really doing cattle inspections properly, in addition accusations of animal cruelty and using downer animals were levelled. Read the BBC report here. Has the USDA woken up? Or is this a token gesture? Having read about their processing and growth systems, I wouldn't eat American beef. Ever. The one thing Oprah and I agree on :)

I could rant more. But most of you lot have read the same stuff as me.


back again!

Back in town, gradually sorting the flat out. Trademe is getting a bit of a hit as we speak (sales, not purchase!).

Quick movie review time I think:
30 days of night.
Seemed to be loosely based on John Carpenter's The thing. Unlike The Thing, 30 days of night is crap. The bad acting is only beaten by the bad script. Sure it's a monster movie, but by god did it drag or what. The script and directing is about as subtle as a sledgehammer. But interestingly some points, which are not developed in the script (like asthma) are also slammed home. I cannot stress how bored I was during this, I sat through it hoping it would improve. It didn't.
Recommendation: in all honesty you might enjoy 27 dresses more (I switched off and watched te Big Fat Quiz 2007 instead on that one).

It's nice. It's fun. It's well written and directed, and the music is great. I know everyone has been raving about it, and yes its very very good, but I preferred Little Miss Sunshine. But Juno is one of the best movies of the year. The acting by the lead is brilliant, and it is very funny.
Recommendation: go see it.4/5

Sweeney Todd
It's Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, there's a 3/5 right there. I loved this movie - although after all the comments, I wanted more graphic violence. It isn't that violent, and it isn't that graphic. If you've coped with The Soprano's, then Sweeney Todd will be a breeze. I can count the musicals I like on one hand, and this is one of them (must be Mr Sondheim...). Sure the ending is ambiguous, but it works. the movie is fun, light-hearted and has some wonderfully black humour. Typical of Burton there is a specific look and feel to the movie, and (oddly) it's clean. London is shown as very very clean, which has the affect of focussing on the dirty deeds of Todd. Interesting tool that. Depp is, as usual, wonderful.
Recommendation: go see it, 4/5.

Beer: I've just sipped a Mata "Artesian", the ale is wonderful. Very drinkable, like it disappears so quickly and with such a gorgeous taste (and after taste), quite hoppy - but not too much. Go drink it. I picked it up, at all places, Pak'n'Save for about $12 for a 4 pack.

me xx

4 February 2008

A strange evening

While walking to find some dinner (roadkill), I saw an elderly woman holding a blowup dragon.

That struck me as odd. So odd in fact I stopped and said to her 'You don't see that everyday', she started giggling and said 'No, but i've made yours'.
The fact I said anything was possibly even odder, given my usual reticence in talking to strangers.

And now I'm watching Louis Thereaux. I love Louis. I'm almost as much fanboy as I am of Stephen Fry. He's talking to America's most hated family (god hates fags, and thats why American's are dying in Iraq). He reminds me of a more hands-on Parky.

Strange night.


3 February 2008

One for the meat eaters

Or as it's advertised in the video, give peas a chance. My itunes randomly threw up this gem from Dr Demento's 2000 collection, and a quick youtube later I have a video for you lot. I present to you, the Arrogant Worms with "Carrot Juice is murder"


2 February 2008

Another one bit the dust

Amphibians are a good indicator of environmental health - as they absorb a number of things through their skin. Sadly our environment isn't working out too well for them. Add to that the chytrid disease, and I wouldn't recommend reincarnation as an amphibian.
the BBC site has a video of the wild golden frog and its mating system before it went extinct. It waves, it beats up other males, and it's a lovely golden colour!! And now it's extinct in Panama, the only remaining animals are in captivity. Go little froggies!

There's a video at the link, I like it.