24 September 2016

Movies: Knight Rider 2000

HorrorChannel has a reasonable record for crap Bgrades, and my trusty freesat recording helps. Or at least enables.
So Knight Rider 2000 . It's unbelievably bad, really really bad. But at the same time, in true car crash fashion, can't stop watching.
And the guest stars are worth it. Script is dire, acting even worse, and I feel for Mitch Pileggi.
Rogue cop, thinks the department is corrupt, and moves to Knight Industries.
Things potter along. Kitt gets moved into a newer car.

15 September 2016

Glenrothes Whisky Tasting

Half of the cabal reformed to drink whisky, this time in London for a Glenrothes tasting run by The Whisky Exchange, and hosted by Brand Heritage Director and Whisky Expert Ronnie Cox. I'm quoting from the tasting sheet. Ronnie is excellent value, good patter and one might suggest, a natural raconteur.
Very similar to our whisky tastings back at Regional Wines, so without further ado, here's my notes. Oh, just to be contrary links may not be to TWE :)

Glenrothes Bourbon Cask Reserve 40% (around £41)
Nose: green apples, gentle, manuka honey, hint of bourbon
Palate: vigorous, honey, warm, apples
Finish: warm, med-long

Glenrothes Sherry Cask Reserve 40% (around £41)
Nose: watery, sea salt, very light/empty, cream
Palate: warm sherry, honey, light-ish
Finish: spiky, medium

My notes include NMS, or Needs More Sherry.

Glenrothes Vintage Cask Reserve 40% (around £37)
Nose: grassy, green apples, bourbon, shiitake mushrooms [no really!! that kinda earthy smell]
Palate: light, warm, honey, quaffing whisky, fruity
Finish: short Bit bland
Didn't think much of this one, not much happening, even tho' the nose was great.

Glenrothes Vintage 2001 40% (around £50)
Nose: sweet, sherry, wood glue, warm, very nice
Palate: warm, but oddly bland, hint of figs?
Finish: spiky, med-long
Didn't live up to the nose.

Glenrothes Vintage 1995 40% (around £80)
Nose: green grass, honey, very light, more sherry than bourbon
Palate: pineapple, apple, fruit, mango, fruit salad
Finish: spiky, med-long, bourbon
like this one a lot, I'm pretty sure I've had it before (possibly when it was cheaper)

Glenrothes Vintage 1988 40% (around £344)
Nose: wood glue, light, floral
Palate: raisins, wood glue, complex, tingly, relaxing, mango
Finish: long, floral, lovely
Really good whisky, it used to be nice and cheap (ie I've picked it up duty free, but there's not much left now...)

Glenrothes Cask Sample 1970s d1973, b2000 43%
Nose: superb nose, complex, sherry, parmesan cheese
Palate: fruit salad, light, warm honey, not very complex, very very smooth
Finish: short-med, very smooth

Glenrothes have a pretty light style, and I've always rated them as a quaffing whisky (this is not a bad thing), I'd like to find a cask strength and see what happens in those.