27 November 2016

Movies : House (1986)

House was on the HorrorChannel the other night, so I'm watching it on Sunday morning. I haven't seen this for years - all I really remember is that william katt (greatest american hero) is in it.

Starts off with atmospheric (very Goblin-esque) music, as we pan around a gothic house, and see a delivery boy head up to it. He explores the house, and we find Mrs Hooper just hangin' around. Cut to a rain lashed graveyard with the young looking willian katt.
Huzzah, a reference to 'nam. God bless those crazy 'murcins! And now some back story, the loss of Jimmy, and some high action diving action by Katt. Emotional !!!

Next door neighbour - George Wendt.

Our hero, cobb (katt) decided to move into the house to write his next book - also about 'nam, cos all his books are about 'nam. We have a flashback. He's spooked by some visions of horrors, so sets up some betamax camera's (yeah!!) to capture them, we even get two dive rolls.  The stuffed fish, attached to the wall, is now trying to attack him.
Things potter along, with a lot of 'nam flashbacks, and helpful neighbour interludes, we even get a song. It's nice and light hearted, even if it's not entirely sure if it's a horror-comedy, or a horror.

Worth watching, and stood up well after 20+ years since I last watched it.

4 November 2016

Movies : The Silencer

The Silencer, another action movie, this time from 1992. It opens with some stunning 8bit computer game type stuff, with the theme song "the silencer, her body is her weapon". Because I love you, I've found the opening credits, you need this in your life:

They've obviously been watching a number of Bond movies, but decided they weren't cheesy enough, and what Bond was missing was a voiceover - from a video game console (those big free standing things).
Our hero (and also heroine) like silencers, they used to be a couple, but for reasons I probably missed, she's now in the video console. But he's narrating stuff, as if it's sex. It's all very emotional. Well for him anyway. For me, the flu is proving more engrossing. Our heroine is very curvy, is wearing a very short top showing a little *cough* breast. And quite lovely they are too. The officer, isn't as convinced the brunette's 'liplocking' is relevant.
Ahh 10mins in, we have nakedness. They're taking a bath. This is supposed to be sexy. I need more cough medicine for this. Lots of slow mo soapyness, which appears to be going on for awhile. Now we have him talking to the video console again. I guess that was a flash back, which we listen to an accordion player. I'm confused. Already. Bodes brilliantly !!
I think, our two are using the computer game to get targets, but it's all very confusing. Or maybe they're not. But no matter, there's a lot of synth based early90s dance music.
They've almost just met, but killed a corrupt vice cop instead. Look, I'm sure it made sense to the writer.
Fight scenes are abysmal, although in saying that they're an accurate reflection of the acting.
"i kill people, it's my job", "bullshit". and that was the emotional scene.

Actually, I have no idea what happened. Definitely recommended. I'm just not sure why.

I have found the trailer:

and the theme song