28 November 2017

Movie: Bloody Murder (2000)

Must be time for another bgrade review. This time we're hitting the current century, mostly, Bloody Murder (2000).

Young couples car breaks down! oh no! oh yayay a nearby local is there to help, oh noes! he's got a hockey mask and a chainsaw.

Cut to daytime, and someone telling a horror story. And now the credits. The kids are going to camp counsellors, and there's conflict! Ex-college track competitors! The tension!

Lots of homages to Friday 13th, intentional ones too. Already we've got sexual tension dynamics hooked up, well done that director and, I hesitate to say, writer.
Eeeekkkk creepy old guy telling cute college girl that Nelson is coming back for revenge. We now learn, old guy is called Henry.

Cut to night scene drinking at the lake and playing a game called bloody murder. Even for mindless crap, this is, err, mindless.
20mins in, no nudity or murder, but underwear during make out in the woods.
28mins, well we've had a murder. huzzah ! This means the cops are involved now!
Witney has gone. Jason (nice touch!) is being accused It's all very dramatic. Oh a death at the archery field, that's a bit different. And we've old school email checking. All very retro.

Overall? cliched, predictable, and pointless in terms of adding anything to a horror genre. And therefore fun, mindless entertainment.

11 November 2017

Scotch: MP5 Port Charlotte, Bruichladdich

The cabal was broken up a couple of years ago (my fault for leaving), since then we've had a few 50% attendance events, and now...a new dram...

It occurred to us that we have the Micro-provenance Bruichladdich/Port Charlotte MP4, MP5 and MP7 releases, and that although physically drinking together was difficult, a virtual cabal could work - and it would appear to others that we weren't actually drinking alone. Results everywhere!

Due to small technical/organisational issues, we've kicked off the cabal inaugural virtual scotch drinking session with MP5 rather than MP4.
These are small bottles (200ml) releases of individual casks from PC demonstrating specific finishes.

Port Charlotte Cask #1999 
d. 17/11/2005  b. 2016 (10 years old), Cask: Fresh bourbon, 56.9%
N: medicinal, rock melon (sweet on nose finish), floral
P: creamy, parmesan, rock melons, fruit salad, sweet honey [A: floral, fresh] 
F: long, big warming

very very drinkable at 56.9% : 8.5/10 [we both agreed, scary!]
adding water: honey, smoother, less interesting, but probably the same rating

Port Charlotte Cask #0013
d. 28/11/2005  b. 2016 (10 years old), Cask: Bourbon / Bordeaux, 59.9%
N: old shoes, wine, caramel, chocolate caramel, hint smoke, cream
P: phenol, wine, warm, smooth, surprisingly gentle, chocolate
F: long, builds very slowly, throat clearing

Notes from Bruichladdich: 10years in bourbon, and 9 months in Bordeaux 

8/10 the bourbon is subdued, with red wine coming through nicely.
Adding water brings out the wine/berry flavour and warms the finish even more. Very dry finish too (presumably the wine).

Port Charlotte Cask #0005
d. 39/11/2005  b. 2016 (10 years old), Cask: Virgin French Oak, 63.5%
N: dry older wood, smoother, marshmallows, sherbet, rain on freshly cut grass (O3), prickly
P: very sweet marshmallow, muscovado sugar, hint of smoke/bacon
F: warm, sweet, med-long

8.5/10 very different to the other two.
Water: far smoother, more dark sugar comes through. 

This virtual tasting worked well, and so you can look forward to more tasting notes in the next few weeks. There's an intention to meet up before xmas for dramas...