18 September 2015

Movie: Junior 1984 (aka "A Cut Above")

I'm currently reading the Bleeding Skull book (a 1980s trash-horror odyssey) which has caused me to go Bgrade hunting. And really, that's what's YouTube is for.

Can't remember if this one made it in thebook, or it was a random find. And I use that very loosely. Junior (A cut above) from 1984 likens itself to the texas chainsaw massacre. Which, to the point where hillbillies are in both movies, that's true. It's also had an eventful VHS release life with references to Junior ; A Cut Above; and Hot Water.

Two 80's babes get out of jail and move to a small town, where the hicks don't want them. Since they're on the waterfront, there's lots of excuses for skinny dipping, and the (almost) dead mother of 'Junior' lives opposite them on the lake. junior spends most of his time complaining to her. She also gives the LGBT community a bad name.
There are moments of brilliance, such as using a bikini top to create a molotov cocktail. Junior demonstrates planning skills now by leaving dead/decomposing bodies around, and is now using a chainsaw - so two ticks in the TCMassacre box, he's got a nice line in fedoras too. There's potential in that lad.

So, summary? superb 80s mishmash bgrade, boobies, no graphic violence :( very limited comedy. but doesn't outstay its welcome.

13 September 2015

Bruce Soord & Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Went along to the Sweet Billy Pilgrim with Bruce Soord [pineapple thief] as support last night - well it was a 20mins down the road.
Venue was nice, even nicer was the keg of brakspear bitter. So quiet pint before it kicked off.

Bruce was playing some tracks from his forthcoming solo album, with Darran from Godsticks (who we caught many years ago at a festival). Sadly there was a backing track of drums and bass, and it was a very synth drum sound. Think it would have worked better with just the two of them. Songs sounded really good, pushing more towards the Wisdom of Crowds stuff than Magnolia, which suits me since I havne't really clicked with Magnolia.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim: I went into them having heard about 2 minutes of a video. I came away quite sold on them. Bit hard to describe them, folk / indie, they're on KScope which doesn't help much either. At times rambling, in a controlled way, and very talented - umm Johnny Flynn meets Pulp meets, err, I dunno. Here's a video, and on the strength of hte gig, I'll be picking up the new vinyl from Burning Shed. CD here. Vinyl here.

6 September 2015

Rugby World Cup Predictions

We're two weeks out from the world cup that matters. None of those flouncy eat biting hair product dependent round ball twats.

I thought I'd throw out my predictions for those getting out of the first round. Although obviously my first prediction is that I'll be drinking some beer. [where some is a number between lots and ummm lost count].

Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Fiji, Uruguay
Pool of death. And if I were an England supporter I'd be getting pretty concerned... I suspect Fiji will come last, but there's a good chance they'll damage a few of the opposition quite badly. So that's worth watching. I haven't watched Uruguay since, probably, the last world cup - so Fiji may fancy their chances there. But for those going through, Australia (probably topping the pool) and Wales. As a team Wales haven't gelled yet, but the signs have been looking very good and they're very well conditioned. Go Wazza.... I also get pissed off reading the 'rebirth of english rugby' commentaries every time they win a match, so would be fine seeing them get kicked out at this stage.

Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Japan, Scotland, USA
Interesting pool for position 2. Obviously SA will top the pool, but all the others have a reasonable chance to come second. USA have come on a lot in the last 4 years, Japan have their ring-ins, Samoa suffer from not playing as a team that often, but their players are experienced, and Scotland appear to be peaking at the right time. They should have won against France last night, but lacked the ability to shut the game down, but as a team without huge stars (although the Gray brothers, Denton, and Cussitor are damn good) they're a good bet for the dark horse. (*)

Pool C: NZ, Argentina, Tonga, Georgia, Namibia
NZ to top the pool, and probably Argentina for second. Georgia looked OK last time I saw them, but I can't see them troubling Argentina who now have the four nations game experience.

Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Romania
France to top, they're looking very good - and appear to have settled on a line-up that includes Michalek (which is unfortunate for everyone else). Sadly I expect Ireland to take the second spot. I find them very boring, but they do the basics well, and keep winning. I'd like Canada to go through :)

So them's me picks. Nothing too controversial there, except for England.

(*) yes I'm biased due to the quantity of the national product I consume

5 September 2015

Pub Whisky Guide

It was mooted during Cabal meetings that we produce a pub whisky guide. Essentially a list of whisky we liked that you may see in a pub. Yeah, didn't want to push the concept too much there.
This list became mythical. I promised many times. I never delivered. 

And yet, now, as I sip some Braes of Glenlivet (BBR bottling) and watch Scotland v France, here it is. Yes. The griffin lives.

To help, your default answer is likely to be Lagavulin 16yo, as it's easily available, and brilliant.

Slainte, B

Name Nose Palate Finish Rating Comments
Aberlour A’bunadh sherry, fudge, oloroso sherry, "manly dram" sherry monster, raisins, prunes long, sherry

"The Nigel Tufnel : for when you need a little bit more""I've had weaker sledgehammers to the face"
Adelphi Private Stock Blend hints of socks, bananas, muscatels christmas cake, salty long

Ardbeg Uigeadail peat, smoke, rubber, phenol, medicinal salty, long, sweet long 7-7.5/10 Very quaffable, this is the sherry finish (kinda) from Ardbeg
Arran Cu Bocan (Sherry Cask) rubber, dark chocolate, 'sweaty crotch', 'choc salty calls' Jayne (firefly): 'smells like crotch' chocolate, peat zombie finish. there's nothing there and then it sneaks up 7.5 (A) - 8/10 Quaffable session whisky (will go on the now mythical pub list)
Arran Malt 10yo rubber, spice, manuka honey more flavour, honey, pepper, hint of salt, aniseed (grows)

med-long, salt, aniseed

Beunnahabhain - Provenance chocolate, sherry, xmas cake musty, sherry, xmas cake med-long, very smooth

to quote Dr Death, it was 'imminently chuggable'
Cardhu 18yo sherry, raisins, caramel, xmas cake sherry, dry, high cocoa chocolate med-short


Dalmore 12yo rubber, sweaty socks, caramel very very short
It's not complex, it would be ok as a pub whisky
Glen Moray 16yo Fragrant, caramalised sugar, sweet, root ginger, marshmallows, weak, sweet, hint of christmas cake, warm citrus, oak, short
diet whisky’
Glenfarclas 10yo 105 caramel, maple syrup huge taste, caramel notes massive

Glenrothes 1994 16yo grass, sweet toffee, sherry, very sweet sweet, tasty, citrus, sherry, toffee, kinda chewy

med length, tingly, sweet, hint of pepper in finish

very nice
Glenrothes 1994 Signatory 17yo toasted marshmallows, burnt fireworks, rubber sultanas, tangy, honey, cloudy lemonade med-long 7-7.5/10 very very drinkable. You cannot go wrong with this baby
Jura Diurachs Own 16yo sweet, chocolate, oranges chocolate, sweet, seaweed/sushi, xmas med-short

7-7.5/10 very quaffable
Lagavulin 16yo dry, aniseed, soap, apple, bourbon, oxidised metal salt, bacon, sherry, smoke, carame long, dry, superb
Old Pulteney 17yo incr alcohol, coconut, bright, reminded me of a Springbank empty, rum, too light, salt, dry medium 6.5/10

Scapa parmesan cheese, sweaty sock, salt, sweet, vanilla, light

drinkable, salt, seaweed, sweet pancake

medium, warm

Springbank 10yo 100 proof leather, old, edradour-ish; paint tasty, smooth, meaty ash, toffee, rum, long

Springbank 15yo salt, bacon, sweet, fruity, cheese caramel honey, kinda soapy medium

Talisker Storm salt, bacon, smoke sweet, prawn cocktail, raspberry short, peppery 6,7,8/10

Tomintoul 12yo Portwood peaty but light, watery sweet, salty, port short, sweet
very light
Tomintoul 16yo parmesan cheese, old wood chips, cut grass good fighty, tangy, lemon, bourbon, thick mouth feel short, manuka honey 6.5-7 /10 very drinkable
Tullibardine Port Finish port, rubber, raisins port soaked raisins medium 6.5-7.5 very quaffable 
Glenrothes Vintage Cask Reserve 40%
green grass, bourbon, shiitake mushrooms (that earthy smell)
light, warm, honey, quaffing, fruity
short, bit bland