26 October 2017

Kimmerigian ambles

I keep meaning to blog. Honest.

Earlier this year we were pottering down in Dorset, (not so much Comic Strip) in the rather small village of Sydling St Nicholas. This seemed close enough to a new fossil museum that I went off on the Saturday to see The Etches Collection.

It turned out this was a longer drive, involving single lane roads, a lot of fog, and dodgy radio reception for the All Blacks game. But it was worth it. The museum has been made from one mans collection - all from Kimmeridge - which is where the Kimmeridgian a period within the Jurassic gets its name. There are extensive clay beds around here, hence the fossils...
And as you'll have guessed, it's all part of the Jurassic Coast. Which, given time constraints, I didn't get a chance to go around.
The exhibition is great, not huge, but well laid out and an excellent museum. Had a good chat to the staff - yeah, I even interacted with people, it was that good.

I did take photos, but can't seem to find them. Oh well. Anyway, definitely recommended. I even got a coffee mug.