28 February 2012

load of old fat

Interesting report this week demonstrating that most published diet plans are a load of tosh. See here. Basically it appears the models of the NHS and the US NIH are flawed, they assume if you cut 500 calories, you'll lose 450gm a week. I've argued in the past that has to be flawed, weight loss (and gain), no matter how rigidly one sticks to the regime, is not a constant procedure - there are peaks, troughs, and plateau's.

I suspect most people wouldn't believe these numbers anyway.

If they did, then the impact of believing in the numbers would lead to depression as weight doesn't disappear as expected. Things start off well as the first 5-10kg is largely water, after that it's all nasty.

What redeems the diets is that the main focus is changing behaviour, which can lead to a useful feedback mechanism.
* change food types you eat
* change quantity of food
* change exercise regime

That strikes me as being a more useful focus of the plans, the weightloss can take care of itself. Kinda.

yeah im just blathering. whisky post should be here in the next day or two since the cabal covened last night.

11 February 2012

6 nations week1

currently on a train, so missing todays games of week2. will try and catch up tomorrow...

Anyway week1 summary:
France v Italy
the French played well enough to confirm their status as tournament frontrunners. Italy looked better than expected, and demonstrated some inventiveness, but the French played well as a team - and looked like they were enjoying it. distinctly different to the RWC and Lievrement's reign.
they were, mostly, consistent and looked to be playing good attacking rugby that wasn't affected too badly by brain meltdowns of the sort we all know and love from the french rugby teams. Still placing france as top of the 6 nations, but Italy may be looking at a 4-5 position.

Wales v Ireland
Ireland looked distinctly overrated. Wales, without their first choice frontrow, looked dominant, attacking, and their backs were very very sharp (and large, George North is a hugely talented monster, NZ should buy him - I'm sure his grandmother was born in NZ...).
Although all the pundits are talking up Ireland, I'm going to say they will be mid-low (3-5) int he final rankings. Wales are the only team who can beat France.

England v Scotland
FFS. For a team who had so much ball, how many times could one bunch of idiots drop it when there's a chance of scoring. Line-breaks, good running, all let down by basic errors of ball handling and badly organised rucks/mauls. Fckn Scotland. Dan Parks had a shocker, and has gone back to retirement. Normally a superb place kicker, things were not going his way. It seems unfair to blame him for the result, since the rest of the teams inability to do anything well certainly didn't help.
England looked better than normal, and appeared to have forwards who thought the ball should go to the backs. Weird. Lancaster seems to be working some kinda of magic to the team, so either sense will prevail with the English Rugby Union and he'll be out on his arse, or a miracle of stone-rolling proportions will occur, and he'll get the permanent job. Of course if he does, no-one in the RFU will support him, and they'll undermine every decision. So either way, business as usual.


9 February 2012

another ten thousand

I've hit 80,000 at last.fm and so it's time for a recap of the last three months. I don't really care how long it's been since 70,000 - which may have something to do with beer and whisky. and so I've decided a three month review is about right.

Top Artists
I think it's far to say, no massive surprises here.
Marillion (107); Porcupine Tree (85); Spock's Beard (65); Queen (63); Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (63); Rush (61); Pink Floyd (59); Alan Parsons Project (59); Tom Waits (55); the Who (51).

Even I'm a bit embarassed at how old, and predictable that is. Oh well. It's not like any of them have massives of plays...

If we switch to Overall things don't change too much (I can report that Gazpacho hit the top10 for the last 12 months, yayayay).

Marillion ; Tom Waits; Porcupine Tree; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; The Pineapple Thief; Bob Dylan; Queen; Rush; Genesis; Dream Theater.

Exciting stuff!!

Tonight is, as you've probably guessed, music night. Beer has been consumed (Meantime IPA - I think, Guinness, and an Innis and Gunn - which did not hold up well to the other two), and whisky has appeared. I defend this as it was snowing and I must keep warm. Currently sipping a nice SMWS Mortlach which has interesting sulphur overtones. Unlike some whisky drinkers, I'm not averse to sulphur, indeed my Port Ellen has strong overtones - and I love that.
Sweet sounds have been provided this evening by:
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (12" M and M mix)
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Wild Bill Ricketts - Wild West  [this is new levels of brilliant bonkers, great stuff]
Steve Hogarth/Richard Barbieri - not the weapon but the hand
Peter Gabriel - Up

not sure what will come up next, am pondering Dream Theater, Black Clouds and Silver Linings. Maybe a little excited as I'm seeing them tomorrow !


Winter biking

At what point do you call it quits, admit winter has struck, and stop biking to work?
It's not that I'm cold during the bike ride, these puppies have seen to that (photos will incur a charge), and the ice has melted from the snow last weekend.

no, I believe the time to question one's sanity is when snow is smacking you in the face as you decide that hey, what's required is more speed. Ok, I defended that as the beer was at home, and I wasn't at home.
But still, odd feeling and a wee bit chilly.

Oh, and I think I should be the English football coach. I even participated in a conversation about it with people who follow football.
I've mastered the basics, forwards should put the ball in the net, not near the net, and backs should stop the opposition forwards from getting near the net. Midfielders should do everything. Goalie's should stop balls going into the goal. See, I'm a natural and have isolated where the English team have gone wrong.

I can also cope with the £6m that Capello was getting. I'll buy some of you a bottle of whisky as a reward...

Love, Coach B.

4 February 2012

6 nations, predictions

better get some predictions in for the 2012 season before kick off - which is about 40 mins away.

After the amusement of the World Cup there's been a bit of a clear-out. In English minds this should lead to a fresh committment for the national team. In reality, it's likely to lead to a confused team unsure whether to specialise in defence or attack. I suspect they'll end up in no mans land and lack leadership for the close matches.
Position: 3-4

Not looking good at the moment. I'm sure someone will say never underestimate the Irish, but on current form, never overestimate the Irish would be better.
Position: 4-5

There's a belief in Welsh rugby which has been missing for sometime. Warren Gatland has both national fever and injuries (5 first choice players at last count) to combat. They looked good in the RWC with a good blend of experience and youth. Presuming they can cope with the injuries, they could do quite well.
Position: 1-3

I like the country. I like the national drink. And so I tend to be blinded to the inherent problems of the Scottish rugby team, they remind me of supporting Wellington - erratic, and unlikely to go the distance. A few retirements won't have helped for experience, but maybe a fresh approach could help?
Position: 4-6

With the unstable nature of the other teams this year, this maybe the year Italy don't get the wooden spoon. Who knows. Hard to pick, with Nick Mallet being kicked out as coach, it's an open book...and remember the Italians did beat France in last years 6 nations...
Position: 5-6

Who the hell knows. Really, any position is entirely achievable by the French. They were crap in RWC, until the final, without a coach. I'm going to presume they've got a plan, and organisation (of course I'm not laughing here).
Position: 1-2

Yeah I'm hedging here. Oh well, kick off in 20 mins with Italy v France. Then later Scotland v England. Brilliant.