10 November 2011

PC9 Whisky

Bruichladdich make Port Charlotte as their big cask strength monster. It's been brilliant over the years, watching it mature - I've had the PC 6,7,8 and now 9.
Apparently they weren't going to bottle a 9, and instead wait for the 10yo expression. On the strength of the PC9, I'm glad they did bottle. It's a wee bit special. I've dug up reviews for the PC8 and PC7 and can't find one of the 6.

n: salt, medicinal, phenol, washing house soap
p: salty, raisins, warming, chocolate, 
f: long, complex, warming, salty sultanas.

add water
n: more smoky, sweeter, phenol dominating, hint of oak barrels?
p: more spiky and prickly, sweeter, but loses chic
f: more pepper than neat

this is something special. my notes may not do it justice, but this is a superb whisky. complex, interesting, weird things happening. 
for those of you after an investment, the older expressions are worth a bit now - so may be worth picking up two bottles.
All of the others I've tasted had ratings around 9, which seems about right for this baby. Oh yeah LFW link.

must be time for a cooking with bruce blog...

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