28 November 2017

Movie: Bloody Murder (2000)

Must be time for another bgrade review. This time we're hitting the current century, mostly, Bloody Murder (2000).

Young couples car breaks down! oh no! oh yayay a nearby local is there to help, oh noes! he's got a hockey mask and a chainsaw.

Cut to daytime, and someone telling a horror story. And now the credits. The kids are going to camp counsellors, and there's conflict! Ex-college track competitors! The tension!

Lots of homages to Friday 13th, intentional ones too. Already we've got sexual tension dynamics hooked up, well done that director and, I hesitate to say, writer.
Eeeekkkk creepy old guy telling cute college girl that Nelson is coming back for revenge. We now learn, old guy is called Henry.

Cut to night scene drinking at the lake and playing a game called bloody murder. Even for mindless crap, this is, err, mindless.
20mins in, no nudity or murder, but underwear during make out in the woods.
28mins, well we've had a murder. huzzah ! This means the cops are involved now!
Witney has gone. Jason (nice touch!) is being accused It's all very dramatic. Oh a death at the archery field, that's a bit different. And we've old school email checking. All very retro.

Overall? cliched, predictable, and pointless in terms of adding anything to a horror genre. And therefore fun, mindless entertainment.

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