26 December 2011

Cooking with Bruce : Bits of Xmas dinner; Pavlova, turkey, scallops

Although there was an intention to cook lots of different stuff over Xmas, realism kicked in and I ended up splitting them over a few days. Mainly as we had enough food for Xmas/Boxing day.

Dessert involved two different ones - pavlova and xmas pud. At least that was the plan, in the end we stuck with pavlova and the xmas puddings are lying in the fridge awaiting another day, another dinner.

3x egg whites
3/4c caster sugar
1t vinegar
1T cornflour
1t vanilla essence

Beat egg whites until very stiff, add sugar in 3-4 lots, beat until very very stiff and glossy. Add everything else, and beat more. yes, there's lots of beating. It's like childcare.

Turn out onto greaseproof paper (or whatever you're using), cook 30min 150C then 30min 125C.

Xmas Pudding - has already featured in Cooking with Bruce. See here. 
although this year I used lagavulin 16yo to add a hint of smoke and pepper.

Xmas dinner
Pancetta wrapped turkey with herb lemon and pinenut stuffing.
From the BBC Good Food webpage. 

Scallops with corn salsa
This was supposed to be served in pastry, tbh that seemed pointless to me, so I gave up. And I hate making pastry. Yes, I know. I did try, but I got bored and didnt like it. Not sure where I stole this from.

1T lime juice
1T red wine vinegar (or in my case, sherry vinegar)
1/3c olive oil


Spiced Scallops
1c corn kernels
3 spring onions, chopped
1 small avocado, chopped
Combine, and add two tablespoons of dressing.

1/4c flour
1T sesame seeds
1t tumeric
1t cumin
pinch cayenne pepper
12 large scallops
1 egg, beaten
olive oil for frying

Put all dry ingredients together, mix, dip scallops in egg, then toss in dry. Fry 30s each side until golden.

Mix through 1T dill, parley, coriander into the corn mixture. Put on plate, place scallops on top, drizzle remainder of dressing over it.

B. Somewhat full.
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