29 December 2011

Whisky tasting

Just a small localised one this time, with me.

Glengoyne Port Finish 13yo 46%
Nose: bourbon, fresh cut wood (pine), cut grass, spikey, hint of vanilla, cloves?
palate:  green apple, sweet orange, tingly,
Finish: medium

I don't get much port on this finish, but it's quite a refreshing dram. One you'd drink more of, especially during the afternoon. Not a complex evening malt.

Connoisseurs Choice Caol Ila d.1997 b.?? G and M, 43%
Nose: peat, phenol, rubber,
Palate: warm, weak, salt, honey, bacon,
Finish: medium-long, pepper/salt comes thru

I wonder if this is a whisky that suffers from being diluted to43%? Would it have been more interesting at cask, or 50%? Lack of age statement makes me wonder if it's a young Caol Ila too, there's an absence of complexity - although it's not fiery, so 10-12yo??
It sticks in the mouth as a finish for sometime, with more honey appearing (ie sweeter) which is encouraging, shame the palate doesn't live up to the Nose and Finish.

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