2 January 2012

Bike ride

The weather here is stupid. It's winter, and it's been 10-12 C over the Xmas/New Year period. No snow, just lots of rain interrupted by lovely sunshine. I don't think I'm complaining, but I am confused.

Anyway, that's meant I can go bike riding and so I pottered off today, heading to Breedon on the Hill. It's not much of a misnomer, there are hills involved getting there (for any NZ'ers reading this, ok more a rise or small undulation...). And it's main feature, a priory, is up on a hill which I couldn't be bothered heading up to. The village itself is pretty, couple of nice looking pubs (which I managed to avoid). I was a little grumpy that google maps said it was about 8mile from home, and that only took 20-25 mins. which seemed a little short to me. I didn't think I was pushing it, as it was a bit greasy - hell, I even used my brakes. Both of them. Sometimes at the same time.
I took a nice scenic way home, through Worthington (very pretty) along a bike trail called the Cloud Trail - not sure why, but it was. Then back through Osgathorpe.

I've decided to make use of my Tracks app on the phone more, and so here's a map of the ride:

View 1/2/12 11:51 AM in a larger map

Other trivia:
Moving time: 1h18min
Distance: 25km
Ave Speed: 17.34km/h
Max speed: 43 km/h (I'm not convinced on this)

Exciting stuff!

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