29 August 2016

Movies : Kill Point

I would like to point out I do watch other types of movies, for example Belleville Rendezvous was watched last night, but really, none of you want reviews of that.

I cracked open the Action Pack 12 movie set today, and first up was 'Kill Point' (1984). You know it's good, as Richard Roundtree is involved, and by good, I mean bad. We open with a soldier shooting someone, he looks focussed, and now a flashback and the title.
Everyone has guns, and there's a dinner in progress, with a deep voiceover followed by a massacre.
Brilliant - cop chief is fat with a big moustache, even better his name is Skidmore, and he answers the phone with 'skidmore'.
Our heroes include an Asian called 'Long', played by leo fong, see what they did there?
There's a shootout in a grocery store, and someone went flying through a stack of eggs. Yes, this movie has it all, even albumin abuse. More flashbacks for Long, this time about a girl, I guess this is to explain why he looks so morose. But enough of that, it's montage time!! Fong-tage!
What the hell? now got country music. ahhh following some guns, we're back to electronic drums and bad synths. *phew*
There is some sort of plot about gun runners. It doesn't make much (?any?) sense. And Long is continuing to look morose, but he knows kung fu. Because he's asian. Obviously. I need a beer, this is getting to me.

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