30 August 2016

Movies : Sexy Killer

A Spanish horror movie from 2008, Sexy Killer was on the Horror Channel a few weeks ago and with my new and exciting Humax FreeSat + external harddrive, the world is my oyster. Opens with a bunch of attractive young ladies getting changed and bitching about each other. Followed a peeping tom getting a little decapitated by our sexy killer. And she is. Very.
All with a lounge version of Barbie Girl.
It's very funny, in a very black kinda way. Reminds me a lot of Takeshi Miike. The small interludes are inspired, inclduing a guide to murder using common kitchen implements in the style of a home cooking show.
Additionally we get machines which pull back memories from the dead, zombies, and a killer soundtrack. The reanimated zombies pottering around the morgue is 'different'...but never fear, they're off to a party.

Highly recommended.
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