27 December 2017

Scotch: MP4 Bruichladdich tasting

The first virtual tasting worked well, so we upped the ante and even had a shared google document for tasting notes for version2.
This time we were tasting the MP4 release (microprovenance) from Bruichladdich, yes I know we did MP5 last time, there was a small organisational hiccup there. No matter, on to the booze.

Cask #361 - distilled in 2008 and matured full term in a French ex-Syrah (red wine) cask. 58% alc. vol. Aged 8 years
Nose: caramel, raspberries/currants, new leather, butterscotch
Palate :Drumstick chew bars, salty bacon,
Finish: long, spiky

Ultimately not hugely complex or interesting. Big powerful explosive.
Add water, kinda kills it.


Cask #16-062 distilled in 2006 and matured in ex-bourbon before being finished in an ex-sherry cask. 58% alc. vol. Aged 10 years
N: sherry, chocolate, salted caramel, cut grass, parmesan, praline (Milka bar? That makes sense, given our buzzbar ref)
P: vigorous, salty bacon, hint of coffee, hazelnuts [choc bar=buzzbar - it’s a caramel marshmallow thing in NZ]
F: med ? salty


Cask #1062 distilled in 2005 and matured full term in bourbon. 59% alc. vol. Aged 11 years
N: smooth, toffee, caramel, chocolate, kiwi fruit, slight hint of potpourri (feckin’ hippy!)
P: tangy, parma violets, citrusy, mango
F: med-short, tingly on the tongue [A]

8/10 [b] 7/10[A]
With water: 8/10 [A] 8.5/10 [B] brings out the warmth and smooths it nicely, really nice.  Tingly tongue gone, smooth warmth remains.

At some point in the near future, we'll be doing the MP7 since neither of us managed to get the MP6.

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