27 December 2017

Movies: Deadly Species & Carnivore

In a shocking turn of events a Uni professor can’t get a grant to fund research into indigenous tribes. A mysterious, and implied dodgy, benefactor steps up. Everyone is very clean, and white. Dodgy man is apparently an amateur cryptozoologist. He’s obviously bad as he’s got a goatee. They’re going into the everglades, which was obviously cheaper to film than anywhere else. 
Acting is abysmal, camera work worse, and script non-existent.  But we’ve had a couple of ‘gator shots, so all is not lost. Also as of 25mins in, only one boob shot. 

A key plot (?) point just happened, they find the rucksack of a ‘renegade anthropologist’ and her camp.  They’re all searching for a lost tribe of native americans in the everglades, and the monster who terrorised them. Brilliant!
Oh dear, the attractive student has just been killed by a monster. shame.

And that ended the plot, as far as we could tell. There were more murders, a fountain of youth, a slow-motion spinning coin, and a displaced spaniard. Oh and heroism by the indians. It all made for a very confusing, and amusing, movie.

This is truly bad. I cannot overstate how bad it is. Acting, script, ‘plot’, camerawork, everything is bad. I think the plot is an experimental animal (carnivore) escapes from the lab and holes up in an abandoned house, where the perennial cute college kids visiting. 
This movie is ace. I would recommend booze (I had caffeine and cake), and the ability recall some of the stunningly good dialogue. It’s all win. The scene where the female investigator realises the creature is dying, makes the pathos of Frankenstein seem hackneyed and cliched(*).
research on this film (well ok, IMDB and wiki) suggests it was filmed over a large number of years on a micro budget, before being picked up for distribution in 2000. 

(*) not really. 

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