4 February 2010

Inaugural Thursday Night Music Club

I was missing my Monday fortnightly lad meet-up, and my weekly Thursday night music quiz (beer drinking). And so following suggestions of others, I've set aside Thursday night for beer, cheese, whisky and music.

The inaugural session has opened with Roger Waters 'In the Flesh DVD' and Brewdogs Punk IPA, which is a big big hopped to buggery IPA. Great stuff. Go drink it.

I got a Talk Talk 12" 'Today' for the princely sum of about a 1.50 quid. That may get spun between the two big guns, as I'm intending to follow Lord Rog with Marillion's Essence on vinyl. The PsychoChook assures us all it's a brilliant mix, so given it's a pretty chilled album, I'll be sipping a downbeat highland whisky methinks.

Back to Roger. And sad bastard that I am, I'm playing In the Flesh on itunes at the moment, just for Last.Fm goodness.

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