15 November 2015

Movie: The Madmen of Mandoras aka They Stole Hitler's Brain

Yes. This is a classic. Ticks so many boxes, and pleased to have the chance to see it again.

I knew this one as 'They Stole Hitler's Brain', but apparently it's also known as Madmen of Mandoras.

The movie starts off with something similar to a public science info movie about nerve gas. Brilliant. All male scientists, of course, with broad and significant chins. But huzzah, they've found an antidote to the nerve gas, it's known as PAM.

There's an abduction of a professor, murder, confusion. Damn you Mandoras! And now some flashbacks to Nazi Germany, along with a story about how a lab tech was there during the final days. Adolf, or Mr H, as he's known as, has a very large nose, which I find amusing for all the wrong reasons.
Ohhh some nice jazz now. Things potter along, with more kidnappings. Mr H seems very peripheral. Our man in Mandoras / Cpt. Renault, and now more exposition by the Excellency. Still very limited Hitlering.
Some aural torture of the Professor, thankfully he's still alright. He assures us of this.
Mr H is here!!! he's floating in liquid, and blinking! Gasps abound from our captives. The Excellency is also a prisoner (I hope you're following this, there will be a test). Hitler's box comes with a carry handle, those clever Nazi's. After some planes, cars, and grenades, Mr H appears to be melting.

Worth watching? well yeah kinda. i still like it.

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