22 November 2015

Movies: Satan's Slave (1976)

It's cold, I've done exercise, I now have a smoothie (coffee already imbibed, and more on the way), so it must be time for a classy movie...

Satan's Slave (1976)

Ready? Righto, we open at what appears to be a dark mass, where an attractive nude blonde is on an alter, and things don't look good from the devil/goat masked gentleman who keeps throwing devil horns with his hands.  
We cut to the inside of an English country house. Which seems very similar to the last movie, oh well. Things don't end well for her. 
Soundtrack is very avante garde, liking it.
Everyone has RP, which is all quite disconcerting.

A family heads out to the country to see a relative, weird things happen and they crash the car. This also ends very badly. Actually, this movie is also hanging together better than expected. Kathryn, our heroine, gets a lot of flashbacks and appears quite nuts. And she's lost in a what the English term 'a forest', there's even a couple of trees in it. Things potter along quite well, and now there's body painting and erotic stimulation using a sword. The Satanists have *all* the fun.
If I'm following the relationships, we now have incest. I'm not entirely sure I am following it, but still ...
Ahhh clearer now after some exposition, and a lot more boobies, and yes it's still hanging together nicely. Kathryn is now 20, the same age as the wife who was killed. Kathryn is looking to follow this lead in an attempt to bring the wife back to life. It's like Morse...Oh her father is back (he who died in the car crash), this is confusing for all of us. 

A lot better than I expected, nice twists. 

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