4 February 2012

6 nations, predictions

better get some predictions in for the 2012 season before kick off - which is about 40 mins away.

After the amusement of the World Cup there's been a bit of a clear-out. In English minds this should lead to a fresh committment for the national team. In reality, it's likely to lead to a confused team unsure whether to specialise in defence or attack. I suspect they'll end up in no mans land and lack leadership for the close matches.
Position: 3-4

Not looking good at the moment. I'm sure someone will say never underestimate the Irish, but on current form, never overestimate the Irish would be better.
Position: 4-5

There's a belief in Welsh rugby which has been missing for sometime. Warren Gatland has both national fever and injuries (5 first choice players at last count) to combat. They looked good in the RWC with a good blend of experience and youth. Presuming they can cope with the injuries, they could do quite well.
Position: 1-3

I like the country. I like the national drink. And so I tend to be blinded to the inherent problems of the Scottish rugby team, they remind me of supporting Wellington - erratic, and unlikely to go the distance. A few retirements won't have helped for experience, but maybe a fresh approach could help?
Position: 4-6

With the unstable nature of the other teams this year, this maybe the year Italy don't get the wooden spoon. Who knows. Hard to pick, with Nick Mallet being kicked out as coach, it's an open book...and remember the Italians did beat France in last years 6 nations...
Position: 5-6

Who the hell knows. Really, any position is entirely achievable by the French. They were crap in RWC, until the final, without a coach. I'm going to presume they've got a plan, and organisation (of course I'm not laughing here).
Position: 1-2

Yeah I'm hedging here. Oh well, kick off in 20 mins with Italy v France. Then later Scotland v England. Brilliant.

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