9 February 2012

another ten thousand

I've hit 80,000 at last.fm and so it's time for a recap of the last three months. I don't really care how long it's been since 70,000 - which may have something to do with beer and whisky. and so I've decided a three month review is about right.

Top Artists
I think it's far to say, no massive surprises here.
Marillion (107); Porcupine Tree (85); Spock's Beard (65); Queen (63); Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (63); Rush (61); Pink Floyd (59); Alan Parsons Project (59); Tom Waits (55); the Who (51).

Even I'm a bit embarassed at how old, and predictable that is. Oh well. It's not like any of them have massives of plays...

If we switch to Overall things don't change too much (I can report that Gazpacho hit the top10 for the last 12 months, yayayay).

Marillion ; Tom Waits; Porcupine Tree; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; The Pineapple Thief; Bob Dylan; Queen; Rush; Genesis; Dream Theater.

Exciting stuff!!

Tonight is, as you've probably guessed, music night. Beer has been consumed (Meantime IPA - I think, Guinness, and an Innis and Gunn - which did not hold up well to the other two), and whisky has appeared. I defend this as it was snowing and I must keep warm. Currently sipping a nice SMWS Mortlach which has interesting sulphur overtones. Unlike some whisky drinkers, I'm not averse to sulphur, indeed my Port Ellen has strong overtones - and I love that.
Sweet sounds have been provided this evening by:
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (12" M and M mix)
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Wild Bill Ricketts - Wild West  [this is new levels of brilliant bonkers, great stuff]
Steve Hogarth/Richard Barbieri - not the weapon but the hand
Peter Gabriel - Up

not sure what will come up next, am pondering Dream Theater, Black Clouds and Silver Linings. Maybe a little excited as I'm seeing them tomorrow !


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