9 February 2012

Winter biking

At what point do you call it quits, admit winter has struck, and stop biking to work?
It's not that I'm cold during the bike ride, these puppies have seen to that (photos will incur a charge), and the ice has melted from the snow last weekend.

no, I believe the time to question one's sanity is when snow is smacking you in the face as you decide that hey, what's required is more speed. Ok, I defended that as the beer was at home, and I wasn't at home.
But still, odd feeling and a wee bit chilly.

Oh, and I think I should be the English football coach. I even participated in a conversation about it with people who follow football.
I've mastered the basics, forwards should put the ball in the net, not near the net, and backs should stop the opposition forwards from getting near the net. Midfielders should do everything. Goalie's should stop balls going into the goal. See, I'm a natural and have isolated where the English team have gone wrong.

I can also cope with the £6m that Capello was getting. I'll buy some of you a bottle of whisky as a reward...

Love, Coach B.
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