2 April 2010

Movies !!!

I'm going through more B-grade movies, hell I'm even rewatching some.

Brighton Wok : The Legend of Ganja Boxing
There is no way this movie could fail. Really. The title works in the same way as 'Snakes on a plane', there is a legend, there is ganja, and there is boxing and kung fu. Oh and it's set in Brighton. Unlike the recent review, where it was a crap movie trying to be great, this sets out to be crap, and succeeds, brilliantly. The story is loose, the acting beyond rough, the fighting hilarious. It's superb! Brighton is taken over by a bunch of bad ass ninja's, killing hippies, ruining the city. It's horrible!! The only one who can save them is the fabled Ganja Master. But who is he?! Where is he! Oh look, he's the main focus of the movie. There's a mad man in a tree. He knows the score. Boy turns out to be son of legendary kung fu hero. And the fabled sect of ganja boxing. Only through inhaling can true perfection be attained. Then, and only then, can the Chosen One defeat the powers of ninja-badness. Cue much inhalation. And ganja boxing.

I loved this movie. It's everything you want in a cult movie, and rocks along nicely. Go forth and purchase (yes kids, purchase) from here.
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Here's the trailer:

Brighton Wok - The Legend of Ganja Boxing TRAILER (2008) from brightonwok on Vimeo.

Blood Freaks 1972

Martin and I saw this at the Film Fest (I think, or it might have been one of our viewings). Innocent god fearing Herschel falls in with the drug crowd, with morality comments dropped through. Some of the kids are far out man. More dope, but some of them are doing harder stuff! Oh noes!
Oh bad brunette has made Herschel smoke dope. Oh it's ok, she's going to help him relax.
And now the turkeys appear. Herschel is going to work on a turkey farm. That's sweet, but there's a laboratory. And those evil scientists are doing genetic engineering on turkey meat, but it's not dangerous, so Herschel will be fine. Trust the scientists. They've got labcoats and will offer you free drugs!
Music is excellent, good mix of psychedelia and blues. Not good enough to try and track down a soundtrack (as I doubt there is one), but certainly fun.
Herschel's had some lunch, and is now fitting. What will become of him. Quick doctor, drugs, stat.
Oh poor Herschel, can anyone save him...sit through this and find out!!!

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