4 August 2010

HMV suggestions

I'm in the mood for new and different music, nothing like diversification eh. Rather than my usual random approach, I've decided I want to explore African psychedelia. I've heard a couple of tracks over the years on random compilations, on 6Music, and from the sadly gone Delerium Music. So I've spent the last few week idly flicking through for a reasonable compilation. I've come across two that I'm interested in, Astral Daze, a compilation of South African psychedelia, and Vol 8 of love peace and poetry. The latter is more appealing as it's easily available, and the vinyl is 2 quid more than the CD.

Anyway, I decided to have a look on Amazon and HMV for these. When searching for Astral Daze, HMV told me they had no idea WTF I was looking for, but that I might enjoy Clash of the Titans and Eminem instead.


Anyone with suggestions for other weird ass stuff I should check out, give me a yell.

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