14 August 2010

The week that was

It has been an interesting week, and by interesting I mean eventful. I'm in two minds over blogging details about specifics, so will leave that for a day or two.
But some things did go well, S now has a visa, thanks to the useless cocks at the border agency. Ok, in this case, they've done nothing wrong. But all in all, their main purpose seems to be to extort money. Nothing more, the concept of service with that?, yeah lets not go there.  This is likely to get worse judging by recent statements by the Cam-egg government. Even more annoyingly I've even had their staff say it's largely a money making exercise. Fuckers.
But come mid October, I can forget about them for another two years, and distract myself with a more coupley version of married life, as opposed to the current situation of married yet single.

In the mood for escapism, I wandered to an art gallery in Leicester. Nothing stunning, few interesting early expressionist pieces, reasonable collection of Durer prints. There was supposed to be a Lowry floating around, but I never found it. Damnit. But the highlight, oddly, was an exhibition they had on science fiction in popular culture. Oh go on, pretend to be surprised. Please? Lots of cool toys, games and posters. The highlights being a full length poster of Fritz Lang's Girl in the Moon, and a 1981 games console I remember playing with, extensively. Astro Wars!!!!
It seemed a reasonable thing to wander around while it was pissing down. Ahhh yes, English summer. I'm beginning to see why prog became popular, one track filled in time between showers.
Few things I could do today, but not in the mood at the moment, so may potter around and read my book for awhile.

Here's an article warning about the dangers of raw peas.

And in a reasonably relaxed chilled day, my ipod ended up playing this as the last track before I got home. Go the poddikins.
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