2 September 2010

Cider tasting

I've just realised it's a year to the day since I started at Lboro. I should really comment on that soon - probably need to consider who reads the blog, or maybe not. Hmmm. Ponder.

Anyway, here's a couple of cider reviews. Both were picked up from Sainsbury's - I think.

Longueville Cider made from Gros CEillet apples.
Fresh, French, dry, very appley and fizzy. This was divine. It really did taste like fresh apples in a bottle, and went down very very easily. Reminded me of the Fresh-Up Crisp Apple flavour, but with the added bonus of 4.5% alcohol.
I could drink this for hours, unlike many ciders I didn't find that weird musty flavour, nor was it too sweet.

Sheppy's Vintage Reserve
I like the Sheppy's ciders I've had. This one is 'oak matured' and weighs in at 7.4% alcohol. Crisp flavour, but has that weird mustiness to it, typical (or so I've found) of English ciders. It's sweeter than the Longueville, but still very drinkable. I wouldn't call it a session cider (ignoring the 7.4%) as I find it a little sweet for more than a glass, but very drinkable. There's no age statement on the bottle, so dunno what 'vintage reserve' actually means.

I'd recommend the Longueville, in fact I may go and get more of it. That could be dangerous, especially if I pick up the Crabbies Ginger Beer 4 packs which are on special - both of those are very very drinkable.

It's music night, so far:
Branford Marsalis : Requiem
VA : Countryman

Decided I couldn't be bothered cooking dinner tonight, so toast, avocado, basil leaves, tomato and a flick of olive oil or balsamic vinegar will do me. Followed by melon. Mmmm.
I did bake some friands, custard and rhubarb flavour. Looking forward to trying them later.

Love, me.
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