6 June 2010

Cooking with Bruce: breakfast

Brunch, it's the one thing I totally miss about Wellington. So many excellent cafes, excellent coffee, excellent food. Shame about the newspapers...

There is nothing like that in Loughborough (or Shepshed oddly enough). In fact I've been effectively banned from brunching having sent coffee's back, and ranted about food too many times. to whit: salmon on toast 'would you like some sauce with that', me 'yeah hollandaise would be good' (trip to talk to 'chef'), 'i'm sorry we don't have any'. FFS, eggs, butter, touch of horseradish, lemon, mix. DO IT.

Anyway, if I'm not doing salmon, this maybe my favourite brunch. And it couldn't be more simple.

Mushrooms on toast
Wipe and roughly chop mushrooms (I like mine chunky), cook on med-high heat in olive oil. Toast the bagels/toast. Grind some fresh pepper in mushrooms, and add some dark soy sauce. Keep heating until the liquid reduces to a nice thick sauce. Serve with horseradish sauce on the bagel, possibly with some fresh parsley dumped over it all.

The dark soy is the key here, light soy won't work.

Possibly more recipes later today.
me xx
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