26 June 2010

New arrivals in the house

My bike turned up! Woohoo. The UK has an excellent government scheme called something like bike-to-work, where the cost of the bike is pulled out of the pre-tax salary over a number of months. Works for me.
I picked it up on Tuesday and am absolutely loving suicidally throwing it around, certainly cuts the travel time to work (15-20mins cf 60min walk). Just went for a nice long ride around the countryside on an absolutely glorious summers day. Down small lanes, including the delightfully named Pudding Bag Lane where I found yet another small cricket pitch. It was a bit exciting at times when tarmac roads turned into very loose gravel while heading downhill, but no harm done. Yet. Found a bike only track heading down to Belton area, watched some cricket and read the paper. Then came back, so a nice 90min ride, 30 min break, and then a very much required shower.
I really had forgotten how much I missed the freedom. The speed, the wind, the sweat (!) - awesome.

I've finally sorted out my network problem, and am redoing my iTunes library this weekend. That's about 24hours of importing. I've done A-M, and am halfway through N-Z. Got some writing to do this afternoon,  but currently I'm considering some lunch and reading the paper.

So here's a picture of it, and some bike themed music.

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