13 June 2010

mole mole mole

There's an epidemic out there! There are moles!Invading moles!!! Moles digging massive holes (thanks Mercury Rev). They've come to turn our dirt over!

Seriously, there's a mole epidemic out there.

Currently trying to avoid the world cup, well the other world cup. It's all a bit tricky, thankfully I don't watch too much TV so it's not affecting viewing much. The first English game was last night, I escaped by going to Four Lions the Chris Morris jihad-comedy. We need more of those. Then my favourite pub doesn't show sport, so that solved post-movie refreshments.
Now I'm not against football, I've grown to realise it is pretty boring, but I do watch it occasionally. However the overt nationalism here kinda turns me off it. Felt odd, but I was supporting the US. Heehee. There's also St Georges flags up everywhere, marking the neanderthals out for easy avoidance. They usefully mark out their cars, sometimes with two flags (for the slower idiots), this is something I'm not used to. We just don't have flags flying, even during AB matches. Odd. Oh well, NZ are 2500:1 to win the World Cup (boring version)which maybe worth a punt.

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