18 May 2010

Gigs and stuff

While lounging around over the weekend I ended up getting some gig tickets. Anathema this Friday in London, which fits in well with the 7s at Twickers this weekend. Huzzahness.
Really looking forward to the new album, the last full studio release (A Natural Disaster) is superb, and not just as it's got a track called Harmonium on it. I guess you'd call it shoegazing doom-metal ish kinda stuff. 

Also managed to score a ticket to The National later in the year which I'm very excited about. Their new album, High Violet, will be in my top5 for the year. It's a natural progression from the previous album, Boxer. And this time I have to agree with the critics, it's superb. 

I did briefly consider the supergroup Transatlantic, as I did like the first and second albums. Big dumb cheesy over the top prog, sadly I've only managed to make it through the new album once in one sitting. The other couple of times have been in two attempts (lets call it side 1 and side 2). Therefore sitting through a long show may lead me to violence, or at a very least an extended period of pop listening. And so Anathema won out.

Pineapple Thief's launch party is tonight in London and Rod's trying to convince me I need to head there. Hmmm. 

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