8 May 2010

My day of OTT-ness

I sense some bloggage over the weekend, mainly as I need to do some funding applications, and will therefore be doing anything but.

The day is certainly rocking along, after waking up to the springtime (overcast), a delicate peppermint tea and bagels broke my fast. Seizing the spirit of age, I went for walk. To the swimming pool. And there, dear readers, I swum. Following this, I continued the walk into Loughborough and bought cheese, wine, beetroot, malt vinegar, blueberries and strawberries. By this time, reflecting the concept of 'spring' in Britain, it was freezing and raining, heavily. Couldn't find any books to grab my interest, and the shoe-shop was too packed for the likes of me, so I caught the bus home and collected some DVDs from the library.

The afternoon has involved coffee, the paper, TV, some Buffy, music and warmth. This separates the afternoon from the morning which was the coldness. I've also cooked some beetroot and pickled it. I cannot overestimate how this was the pinnacle of my day.

The evening I imagine will involve a cheeky French wine, some bean burgers with pickled beetroot (see earlier for evidence of planning!) salad, rockmelon, cheese and DVDs.
In political updates, we have a hung parliament here. This has caused drama, excitement, and panic on the streets of London. Actually, aside from the mass media, apathy appears to be the standard response.

* David Dimbleby, whenever I switched over to BBC he appeared slightly befuddled (which is his greatest asset), and is therefore ideal as the next dumbledore.
* Jimmy Carr annoys me
* Rich Hall is great
* Jezza Paxman is fantastic, if not very nice. I like that.
* Cleggmania isn't nearly as cool as Hulkamania.

I am highly pissed at the BNP for failing so miserably, I was looking forward to my golden handshake at the departure gates. Wankers.

Right, that's enough blog, I think some Supernatural now.

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