15 July 2010

A beer review

It's Thursday night, music night. And it's been awhile since we had a beer review, so here's a summary of music listened to thus far, and a couple of beer reviews.

Badger : Blandford Fly I do like me a Badger beer, to the point where I made it to the Ship and Shovel to have some off tap on Saturday. Yummy. Last night involved the Blandford. It's a very drinkable light amber ale, with strong ginger notes. When I say it's very drinkable, let's put it in the Crabbies ginger beer category. Session beer? you bloody believe it baby. The ginger, and hints of coriander, went really well with the spicy seafood gumbo I was eating. And yes, it was a deliberate mix. Go drink it. It'll be good for ya,

Dogfish Head: 60 Minute IPA Americans do nice IPAs, even if in general they should generally be called APAs. It has a full body and mouth feel, very bitter finish, very dry, nose is ridiculously hoppy. Not a session beer, but one to be enjoyed and savoured slowly.

I picked up a few beers at the Borough Market: the DogFish Head 60 minute IPA; Geuze Boon (I love it); Rodenbach Grand Cru; Brewdog Isle of Arran. So looking forward to sipping onthem. The Geuze and the Rodenbach are two of my all time favourites.

Music tonight has consisted of :
Frank Zappa : Roxy and Elsewhere
Albert Hammons : Master of Boogie
Fleetwood Mac : Fleetwood Mac (back when they wuz good, before the chicks ruined them)
Frost* : DVD of the Philadelphia Experiment.

All washed down by Dogfish and leftovers of the seafood gumbo which has spiced itself up nicely.

Love, me
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