4 July 2010

A bit of metal for the masses

Catching up on my metal watching, and here's a couple of NZ vids. TBH I don't like the NZ scene much, it's pretty mindless thrash in general, but these stand out - especially the CIA vid.

8 Foot Sativa are, I reckon, pretty underrated internationally. Theirs is a style I don't like much, but I it's done very well here.

8 Foot Sativa - Sleepwalkers (Uncensored)

8 Foot Sativa is on hiatus.. | MySpace Music Videos

In more metal news, ISIS have split- well they did in May. Which is a crying shame, for they were an excellent band.

Given I don't really like chick fronted metal, this is rather good.

This song is good, very sisters ofmercy/emo-ish, but the video gets in as it has a keyboard, and the chick is very hot and has a push-up bra. And no-one of should be surprised at my shallowness. She's got curves, she's brunette, I'm sure she's got a PhD too...I seem to remember putting it up before, oh well.

That should do. Sure there'll be more...

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