8 July 2010

More metal for the masses

And the big news is that Dimmu Borgir have announced release dates for the new album (end of Sept). Regular readers of the metal section will know how much I like my symphonic black metal. Woohoo.

First up, some German metal- in German too (I think).

And for fans of Jakob or ISIS here's another instrumental band - this is a fan vid, but quitecool

I do like me some Cult of Luna, although for some reason I have none in the collection. Must fix that one day...

Don't shoot me, but I appear to have a soft spot for folkmetal. This one is a bit more hardcore than most, but it ticks the folk box. Oh and the video is quite nicely done, although they don't vary it at all.

And no apologies, this one is heavier than normal. Much heavier, but I like it.

You want some Dimmu Borgir? Well ok, if you insist, from the last album, In Sorte Diaboli, which I loved.

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