21 July 2010

Last FM update

Crickey, it doesn't seem that long ago that I hit 40,000 tracks, and now 50,000. I can't be bothered finding the 40k post so let's see what I've been spinning the last three months.

Top 10 Artists 3 months
Marillion, Porcupine Tree, Bob Dylan, The National, Queen, Anathema, Genesis, No-man, Pink Floyd, Pineapple Thief.
I've worked out why there's no classical in there too, I've reclassified mine into Composer : Artist (so Beethoven's 9th conducted by Harnoncourt is Beethoven : Harnoncourt) which makes it less likely to show up. It's easier to find when I'm scrolling through the ipod tho', so i'm unlikely to change.

So no major surprises there, which bothers me slightly. Really need to push the boundaries a bit. Go on, random suggestion time kids....

I don't think it's panic station time as there are 1544 artists in my Last FM library, and I do seem to wander through them pretty frequently.

This really has been a pointless blog. Oh well, I may be procrastinating over breakfast, and having moved onto strawberries, it's very hard to want to do anything other than eat them. Mmmm strawberries.

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