17 July 2010

Movies today pt2

No really. Dollman vs The Demonic Toys. A slice of 1993 bgrade class, thanks to Mr A.Everything about this movie is cheese. From a disgraced (hot curvy brunette) cop, to a midgit. And the Dollman, why, he's a doll, who's a man, and a cop. Fancy that ! Now there's a hot blonde called Ginger (doll) for Dollman, and very subtle dialogue for backstory. Smooooottthhhh. Including voiceover 'you have landed on an alien planet', just in case you were confused, and 'her name was Maria, she reminded me of a girl back home, except 90 times bigger'. Oh and it's set in a town called Pahoota, actually this backstory is taking *some* time. I guess it saved on script writing. All the action scenes are in slow motion, to emphasise how bad they are. That gets respect points. Ohhh we're 47min in, and there's just been plot development. The master is coming! But there's more flashbacks now giving the Masters history, and there's a halloween reference. Awesome. Again. The resolution had very little to do with any character development, it just involved guns. There was nothing original or creative about this movie, other than the surprise factor that it got made. Worth watching, and its not too long, clocking in just over the hour, 3/5 on the bgrade scale.

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